I thought that we can only see traitors and treason in the government and in people who are serving the public but I was wrong. Today while searching for some highly trusted sites to link to for a contest Tnomeralc Web Design Toys entry that I have, I saw sites linking here and there pointing to some Filipino SEOs or so they claim they are but wait.

Can you really call yourselves Filipino SEOs when all you do at the back of your fellowmen is to dump them and kick them at their back in the middle of the battle against supremacy? I was talking about the recently concluded Busby SEO test, the sequel world SEO championship to Busby SEO challenge where me and a team I used to have also joined and lost.

Now let us see through this. I know that you know who you are and if you happen to read this post you might want to take a second thought about your act of treason to the decent Filipino SEOs here in the Philippines calling yourself Filipino SEOs while at the back of your fellowmen you pierce them with spears in their backs helping the other side on the battle. HAHAHAHA. Nothing new, I bet you have done this to others you know.

You guys are what we call as double-faced ass***** and you don't deserve to be called Filipino SEOs. Anyway, I wouldn't just want to brag about it because I personally know you and who you are. I met you from one of the last local SEO contest from where you sponsored and joined on it while trying to look for help from your fellow "I",,,,,hahahaa. "Alam nyo na kung sino kayo".

I salute you for being a traitor in the middle of the battle and helping the enemy put a bullet on your fellow Filipinos who are striving to prove something

Hey, it's not my fault that I saw your links today. From my own thoughts I said to myself - "you have the nerve to teach it to your student who did the same".

You guys deserve a monument in SEOPh forum. A monument that everybody will spit on everytime you get visits.

The two of you are not enough to put us all down. You will need a whole bunch of traitors and double-faced SEO clowns like you to beat us down by virtue of loyalty to race and truth.

You guys are nothing but cowards in this generation of SEO greatness under development in the Philippines and it's sad that you are not going to be on any part of it.

One of you just got a client because of helping the enemy and you are worse than them turning you back on us. It proves that indeed, traitors and double-faced SEO clowns like two of you fu** together. You will be judged in history in the making!


This is HOT, hotter than summer. mukhang kilala ko to.

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