Create a Hub Page for SEO

Just a short post about creating a hub page for link building. Although it is true that the two major hub page sites, hub pages and squidoo allow linking to any webpage that pass their own set of rules and terms of condition, I still believe in one, that linking is great with any of the two.

It provides a healthy linking habit but only for those pages that will not be aimed at abuse of use and self promotion. This is just right and I know that in some other way or another, those who use it also knows that the use of these hub pages will always be what they give us - links and authority.

I have used and abused it myself but what is important for me is that I know that I have learned how to use it the right way. I've used it in my quest to find out if it works and made a tnomeralc hub page myself and in a day or two I will see the difference or at least expect to see the difference. - Eriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation


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